Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One blog vs many blogs

Blog businees tycoon Darren Rowse says, at one time he had 20 blogs!
In simple mathematics, more blogs means more traffic and more money. True! But it’s true when you have mastered the tricks of taking blog to the top! Otherwise you’ll struggle to manage time to post regularly and in turn end up neglecting the crucial area of Increasing blog traffic.

So, the debate is on! To have one blog or more blogs?
Let me share some tips and suggestions that are seconded by highly successful bloggers all around the world.

Making money through more than one blog excites anybody. And it is a fact that most of the highly successful bloggers maintain 5-10 blogs. But don’t hurry into making too many blogs and end up neglecting all of them. Instead start with one blog and focus completely on that blog.

Ancient remedies for modern times

As you learn slowly to make one blog successful, you can add more blogs. And you can apply all your knowledge and skill you learnt with your debut blog on other blogs. So, while your first blog took a year to reach somewhere near the top, your next blogs will take less time to reach there and start making money.

Some successful bloggers get professional writers to write for their blogs and pay them. It’s only practical when you know enough of blogging business skills and you can afford to focus on Blog Traffic, Increasing Click through Rate, Building Links, Page Ranking etc. These things can only make your content reach the audience. Otherwise the best of your writing may not reach the desired target!

Making money online is a serious business. You should treat it as a business. Ask yourself. Will you start few more business before you settle in one business? The answer is clear NO!

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