Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AGLOCO magic!

Agloco network of Dot com Mogul John Chow looks something like this!
Just look at the numbers and how it peaked through his referrals!

ONLINE business marvel, I would call this. Agloco has been in the news for some time. Early registered members got disappointed as Agloco took loads of time to let them download the viewbar. Now the viewbar is on millions of computers all over the world. As far as earning part is concered, there is still a bit of suspense in terms of how much money members get paid. But I’m slightly convinced about Agloco team’s sincerity

Ancient remedies for modern times

So, I’m recommending people to register and Join my AGLOCO network
Once you register you need to download AGLOCO viewbar which will not take more than 1.8MB space to 5MB(when installed). Agloco viewbar will take as little space as window task bar, so no space crunch! There’s an inbuilt Google search window. Google search and Ads that appear in the viewbar gets Agloco , the moolah, which in turn shares the revenue with us.

More time you spend on the net, more hours will be credited into your account which will be converted into money. Above all you get paid even for your referrals’ net usage! Agloco concept is amazing! Hope it succeeds in making most of us richer, so that all our efforts get paid.

Welcome to my network

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