Monday, June 18, 2007

blogging original content

Earning online is the toughest task as long as you don’t spend enough time to master the little secrets, little tricks and more technical knowhow of blogging. Ofcourse it takes loads of time and be prepared to divert loads of time. The best advise I got from expert bloggers is that spend more time on content, refining, fine-tuning content. Because people will come to your blog to read, not to click on your ads. Generating revenue from blog has no meaning for your readers.

If you look at the number of posts in my blog, you may be surprised. You can really count on your fingers. I had many many posts, but I used to borrow from other bloggers. I used to look for tips, tricks on other expert blogs and borrow from them and post on my blogs. But later I realized that it’s not a good practice, both ethically and technically.

One pro-blogger advised me that it may not go well with search engines and it may offend their policies. And I need search engine desperately. And when I started writing my own content I started realizing that I can contribute a lot in terms of blogging tips. Each one’s blogging experience is different and I want to share my blogging experience too. And I’m sure some people reading my posts are really find that interesting. And above all I’m extremely enjoying the experience of writing my own content.

We all borrow from other expert bloggers’ ideas and tips. We try them out in our blogs and we’ll be more richer by that experience. And I’m excited to share that ‘my experience’ After trying out so many of their tips and tricks I realized that I have so much to write. I’m sure you have too.

So, what I want to stress is that readers like original content(even search engines too). They may find some of the shared content interesting, but they soon discover that there’s no depth in your content and it’s not merging well with your other original content. Just try posting few more posts in your blog today and don’t forget to ping . you’ll be surprised to see how higher your blog ranking has gone up.

Happy blogging

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