Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blogging business

Making money from online has never been easier than now. The corporates are ready to shell out more moolah to reach the net audience. Advertising agencies across the globe, have recognized internet as a more effective promotional vehicle to carry business messages. Today I read in a newspaper that online advertising revenue has gone up by whopping 155%! Amazing!

Intenet is reaching more and more people all over the globe and I’m glad advertisers find online advertising as the right medium to reach them. The change in ad-men's thinking is also boosted by the use of latest technology like contextual ad techniques initiated by Google adsense. Now advertisers can place online ads and relax, as the margin of manipulation has come down almost to nil.

Ancient remedies for modern times

Some of the personal blogs are also targeted by the advertisers to reach the desired audience. Some blog authors have been approached by brands who want to advertise in their blog title or on the blog.

What does this mean?
It means that the brands are going beyond the traditional and ready to try out the new media vehicles. The enthusiasm to advertise on individual blogs show their conviction and trust in the seriousness of blogging.

Three cheers to blogging! This is just the beginning, mate!

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