Sunday, June 17, 2007

Online ads get their context right

Mayank Tewari, in Hindustan Times

Contexual or target-specific advertising is the latest online hit, giving brands their audience and websites their revenue. The response in India to this avatar of online advertising has got advertising agencies and their clients excited.
Google’s AdSense introduced contextual advertising, where sponsored links appear on the page with information similar to the content of the page you are viewing, some years ago. Google now says the India experience is overwhelming.
"With AdSense, Indian companies have an advertising solution that allows them to understand the value they can derive and track the ROI — return on investment," says M Shailesh Rao, managing director, sales and operations, Google India. The advertiser can track every click and calculate the revenue it got.
"This allows everyone, from global companies to the smallest home-run enterprises, to reach users in the same cost effective, highly targeted way," adds Rao.

Click on ads and get paid

Manish Agarwal, vice president, marketing,, says: "Internet growth in India has forced advertisers to re-invent their style and strategies."
Social networking sites are in too. "Thanks to the Orkut phenomenon, social networking has all the attention from advertisers," says Sidharth Rao, co-founder, Webchutney, an online marketing and advertising agency.

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