Thursday, May 24, 2007

Are you here for moolah?

Yes? Then you're at the right place.
I'm here to earn some extra bucks. No shame!

And I'm going to put some extra efforts to earn those extra money.
I'll try and spend more time to get more tips from the experts who have made blogging their business. When you look at their earnings, it will amaze you. But if they can earn so much even we can earn too.

"If it's within someone's reach, then it's within our reach too!"

How we can earn money by blogging?

Blog name
The first step is to get a blog
It's quite easy thing. But how do you name it?
-Select a name which is simple and straight, which is not tricky.
-Select a name which reflects what is your blog about.
-A name which can be easily found in google search machine.

Then start posting on subjects of your interest.
It can be anything, but make it crispy and interesting.
Post as many content as possible. More pages means more business.
Each of your page is like a branch. They all can accomodate ads and can generate money

-Place ads which is more trustworthy, like google adsense.
Place them such that they look like a part of your posting

Search web and look for tips to drive more traffic to your blog.
You can try already established communities for promoting your blog, initially.
Such postings do irritate community members. But if some people in the community are interested in the stuff you're writing about, then your job is done.
You'll get a regular visitors to your blog.

These tips are tip of the iceberg. I'm going to find more comprehensive stuff from the net and post here. I'm as novice in blogging as you are. But I enjoy blogging. and while I'm enjoying the experience of blogging, I want to make this experience profitable also.

I hope you'll join me
I'm going to add loads of links in my blog.
If you want your blog to be listed then please drop me a line.
I'd be glad to do that.
That's the way to grow and help each other grow

all the best for your blogbusiness!

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